Amnesty USA – Social Justice and Income Inequality

For this project, I created the visual assets for a fictional Amnesty USA campaign to end the income gap between men and women. I created a content map to organize the macro topic of Social Justice, a poster, pamphlet, 3D outdoor sign, and short animation to inform the public of the issue.

Content Map


Approaching the issue of the wage gap, I decided to use the imagery of the golden parachute to invoke the concepts of financial inequality, as well as to highlight the lack of women in leadership positions (about 20% in the US House & Senate and Fortune 500 board members.)


The goal of the brochure was to offer viewers a little more information about the topic. I wanted to display wage gap statistics in a more visual way, so I decided to combine my original visual assets with a graph of wage inequality over time. I used a gate fold, so the brochure would have 4 levels of information.